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Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Turkey. Liposuction aims to reshape specific regions of the body — improving body contours and proportions by removing stubborn, unwanted body fat.
VASER is a technology that works with sound waves and is alternative to classic oil removal applications. Since it does not damage the surrounding tissues only by the effect of the fat tissue, the healing process is shorter than the conventional method.
Tummy Tuck
When diet and exercise fail to achieve your dream of a slim waistline, tummy tuck in Turkey is a viable choice to help attain a flat, well-toned abdomen.Abdominoplasty is one of the most effective body contouring...
Arm Lift
Arm lift is one of the effective body surgery procedures used to tighten the skin of the upper arms and to treat a medical condition known as batwing deformity. The procedure is designed to reshape arms...
Calf Implants
Many people find it difficult to develop their calf muscles, no matter how extensive and targeted their exercise is. For some individuals, despite intense workout their lower legs remain thin and undefined.
Buttock Implants
Many women desire an appearance of a larger, shapelier and more attractive behind. Recently, trends have shifted towards more a curvaceous body contour, as a symbol of sensuality and sexual appeal.
Vagionoplasty implies a procedure that is performed to eliminate abnormal relaxation and loss of elasticity in vagina due to aging, delivery, gynecologic interventions and so on.