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Hair Treatments

Hair loss in 60-65 percent in women, 99 percent in men is genetics. The genes from the father or from the mother, hair quality, hair thickness, hair loss is coded. Therefore, it is not possible to control a disease from the gene. For this reason, hair treatments is one of the difficult treatments.

Males are more prone to “adreno genetic hair loss” . With the effect of testosterone hormone, especially in the front middle and top of the hair begins to dilute. Genetic hair loss occurs from the age of 17-18. Genetic hair loss is a process that continues until the age of 50-60 according to the effect of genetics and stress management of the patient. In some people, this shedding happens very fast. At the age of 20-21 all of the hair, 40-50 years old, there are people who lost a portion of hair.

Who should be treated for hair loss?

When daily average of loss over 100-150, it needs to be treated. This rule applies to women and men. In some cases, an active shedding occurs until the age of 35-40 and then a sneaky thinning occurs. In such cases, we suggest that the patient should be treated if the person's skin starts to appear from the flashes when a photo is taken.

Mesotherapy in hair treatments

Hair mesotherapy is an effective treatment for hair loss. It is a treatment consisting of a mixture of vitamins aminoacids and minerals, a session once a week and a cure of 10 sessions. This method was implemented successfully in our country from 2004 to 2008. Then PRP method came out. For 3-4 years, successful results were obtained with this method. Then there came the serums called “growth factor”, which cures and strengthens the hair. These serums have been applied to the scalp by injection. It also showed the effect of a few years. In 2015, Esteworld introduced a treatment method known as hair vaccine. One of the effective methods is still this method. Since 2017 as Esteworld we perform combined treatment with hair laser and hair serum.

Hair laser

There are two goals in hair laser treatment. First, the hair laser opens the capillaries and activates the blood flow. Secondly, it stimulates regeneration and healing in the tissues under the skin. Melanocyte cells that give the color to the hair are also treated in patients who are treated with laser. For this reason, partially darkening of the hair color is observed. Changes are seen in 4-5 months.

Hair serum and laser combination

Treating hairy skin may be like treating the soil. Just as when you can't get crops, fertilizer is thrown into the soil, efficiently brought on to six, seeds are strengthened. So the soil can be resurrected. The same goes for hair. Patients are fed serum which opens the skin with tiny tiny needles before laser treatment which takes 20 minutes twice a week. Laser applied for 20 minutes. In this way, patients get fast results from the first month. Treatment lasts about 6 months. The first time the patient comes, his photo is taken. After the second month, another photo is taken. He compares how much his hair's quality have increased, how much the openings have have been closed, how closed the shining places have been. From the third month, there will be a noticeable change in photographs. With the sixth month, it is seen that the patient is now in maximum benefit. This combined treatment is the most efficient hair treatment method.

Is it necessary to repeat the treatment?

In cases where hair loss is genetic, protection treatment is started after the hair loss and strengthening treatment is finished. The treatment is continued at two, three, and six months intervals.

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